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New Flyers for April 23

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  • Friday, April 24 2015 @ 02:43 AM MDT
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Here are some new promotional flyers cooked up for the month of April. Be sure to get the good word out there about G.A.M. by hanging up these flyers anywhere and everywhere where people who would be interested will see them.

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Quarter-sized flyers - 4x the flyers for the paper of one! Print, cut, and hang. These are perfect for small spaces and cork boards.

4-split "Orange Logo" Flyer

(PDF, 111 KiB)

4-split "Cosplayers" Flyer

(PDF, 125 KiB)

Full-sized flyers - Bigger flyers for bigger attention! Just print and hang. These are perfect for large spaces, windows, and community notice boards.

Full-page "Orange Logo" Flyer

(PDF, 208 KiB)

Full-page "Cosplayers" Flyer

(PDF, 127 KiB)

Promotional Flyers - Print and Share!

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  • Monday, April 06 2015 @ 06:14 AM MDT
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Here are some promo flyers you can print and spread around your haunts to spread the word. Hang these up in your favorite places about town! Some examples include your school, college dorm room, work, library, ice cream shack, tower, salon, dog groomer, community arts center, computer learning annex, country recreation center, and of course, hot dog stand.

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4-split Flyer (Print and cut into quarters - it's four times the flyers for the print-outs of one!)
(PDF, 127 KiB)

Full-page Flyer
(PDF, 128 KiB)

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